3 Life Changing Workout Motivation Tips That Actually Work

By Fitmist


Workout Motivation Tips

“All progress takes place outside your comfort zone”. While browsing through websites and other social media platforms you would have come across this. Lots of it is true. Having to build a habit and actually enjoying it can take a while. After a certain period of time, anything you are trying to make a habit of starts to sound boring. You want to step back and jump to your old self. Today, this is the right place you’ve stumbled up. Find out the ultimate workout motivation tips that actually work.

Everyone is struggling to find some motivation to keep going on, in this challenging situation. Workout is one such habit that everyone wants to build. While all that fit body looks pleasing, being healthy sounds amazing, it’s hard to carry on that path. 

On certain days you want to spring out of your bed and get closer to your fit body by working out really hard, but what happens the next day?. All that pain from working out starts to kick in and you find yourself struggling every minute of it. Then you decide to cut it short. This is where it can start to go backward and you might end up taking a long break. Motivation to keep your going is what is very useful. 

Does Motivation Actually Work? Have you ever thought about it?

Watching so many motivation videos on youtube can use up a lot of your time and leaves you with no action. Despite spending too much time on those workout motivation videos, you might want to shift the way you see motivation first.

Motivation is second to understanding human nature. When you choose a path and get stuck, you turn to motivation for looking at things from a new perspective. It links your physiological state with your psychological state. We are all inbuilt to survive. We can find solutions to problems if we give it enough time and all our time. But that’s what we don’t have these days. In a busy work like ours, we find it hard to see things from a new perspective and hence turn to videos of others who spend their time giving you perspectives. When you find the right motivation, you immediately spring back to your work. To sum it up, you have the motivation you require within you, this is just to help you find it. 

Working out is hard. We all know it after we get through a week of it. So the first thing you need is to know why?. 

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Why is a Workout so Important? 

Why are you doing it?. Ask yourself this first. Generally, we all work out to get healthy, to look thinner, get fitter, or due to health issues. Exercise has more benefits than you could even imagine. Let’s look at a few: 

  • Improves flexibility
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Helps you get a good night sleep
  • Increase confidence
  • Improves your quality of life,
  • Connect with other better
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Keeps you focused throughout the day
  • Prevents heart disease
  • Lowers fat storage
  • Assists you in quitting smoking
  • Improves your stamina in the long run

Choose your why and remind yourself every day that it’s why you are doing it.

Workout Motivation Tips 

Here are some workout motivation tips that actually work:

1. Focus on the Why? 

Get your goal right. Imagine yourself in the situation where you have achieved your goal and how happy you would be if you achieved it. It’s a stronger motivation than anything else. If you find it hard to change out your clothes or pick them up on the way to the gym, keep a spare. Don’t give yourself the reason to slack off. At least not through these petty reasons. Schedule it on your digital planner, so it reminds you to step out for a walk or cut in small movement. 

2. The biggest motivator is social media

We have all that we want within the reach of an arm’s length. Follow a few fitness professionals and listen to some tips from them that will keep you in touch with workouts. This could be your perfect Monday workout motivation. Hearing positive workout motivations throughout the day can keep you alert about what you need to do. Pick out a challenge that is going around and try to do it actively. Occasionally or mid-way through the exercises when you feel like quitting, read the comments from others and you will be able to see how this can help you push forward and finish through the remaining 5 mins of your workout. 

3. Listen to workout motivation music

Music can help you keep distracted from the pain of the exercise and keep you going. Workout motivation music can pump you up with the right beats and make it fun. Try to do workouts with an online video or a friend. This helps in a lot of ways. While someone is doing it alone with you, you want to push harder than the other person. If they can do it so can you. When you listen to a particular set of songs just while exercising, this alters your brain. So, when you listen to the music next time, you feel pumped up to work out. It actually works! 

Switch to workout motivation podcasts once in a while and give some change to your workout pattern too. It’s ok to have some fun exercises for a change or try out yoga occasionally. 


There is no bigger motivation than yourself. Let your goals be clear about your workout and motivation just guides you when you are just in a pit. Exercises have a lot of benefits and step out for some fresh air. Replace your breaks with a 10 min stress buster, walking or jogging with some soothing music, and your workout time for your core body workouts. These small changes in your life can help you build your schedule faster. These workout motivation tips that actually work will change your habit and build that fitter body.