5 Aqua Yoga Poses For The Age Of Anxiety


Aqua Yoga poses for anxiety

Coronavirus came as a jolt and everyone’s mental and physical health started deteriorating. Due to Quarantine, terms like overthinking, depression became a part of the new normal and we became the age of anxiety.

Lockdown made us look within and that’s when we turned to Yoga. It is no longer a choice. People have added yoga to their lifestyle since it became the only ray of light during these dark times. Aqua yoga gained popularity only recently in India. 

Time and again, the significance of water as a healing factor has been stressed upon by yogis since it teaches us to go with the flow of life and helps us connect with ourselves. All of us love to play and swim in ocean waves but imagine if we, water babies could enjoy exercising as much as we love to relax by the riverside. 

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What is Aqua Yoga

Aqua yoga is just what every anxious person needs in their life as it is the best way to cultivate balance and peace in the body. In the words of Swami Ramdev, Aqua Yoga strengthens the nervous system and it is the perfect way to get rid of back pain. It is an activity that is performed by staying underwater as the pressure falls on joints and the muscle pain reduces gradually.

The water body can be a pool or more something more natural, for example, an ocean. This activity is even favorable for people who struggle with physical exercises as soaking in the warm water helps you flow gently and does not require much effort. 

Sitting in front of screens in a slouched disposition has surely made us all aware of its consequences therefore aqua yoga sounds like the only dessert we need to add to our lives this summer.

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Various Aqua Yoga asanas 

Summers are incomplete without pools and beaches. Now, imagine if we could have all the fun while protecting our bodies from heatstroke, fatigue, and irrelevant stress. This is the reason why Aqua yoga is the best method to combat lethargy.  Swami Ramdev has been continuously claiming that  practicing asanas such as vrikshasana, tadasana, and konasana will relax one’s mind and body. 

These poses help in better body alignment and improve flexibility. This yoga is also beneficial in improving balance and provides mental stability to achieve efficiency in everything you do.

 If a person is suffering from some other muscle pull or pain problems, they can practice Garudasana, shirshasana, mandukasana, and bhujangasana for a few days to detoxify their bodies and recover their breathing pattern. 

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Aqua Yoga poses

Since exercising is done in pools, yoga instructors came up with a few fun postures to help yoga enthusiasts learn and adapt easily. some of the power poses that can be performed are as follows:

1. North Star pose

This pose inspires us to look up and thank the stars as you need to stand with your feet greater than hip-width apart. 

2. Flowing Warrior pose

You just need to plant your lower body on the surface and let your upper part of the body float like a mermaid and feel the rhythm of the waves.

3. Floating Savasana 

This is the easiest of them all as all you need to do is grab your swimming suit and relax.

4. Sugarcane Pose

You need to breathe deeply and move your weight into your front foot. Stand to balance and let your back leg go in the water so that it might look like a half-moon pose. Once you are done, reach back and take your lifted foot into your hand and notice the connection between the moon element and your body also how water helps your body flow effortlessly.

5. Namaste

This Indian tradition to express gratitude is probably the warmest way to end your yoga session. So, join your hands and give heartfelt gratitude to water.

Awesome Aqua Yoga benefits

Other than the fun element, Aqua yoga is beneficial in many good ways.

1. Improvement in the quality of life of those suffering from obesity

Water Yoga has proved that losing weight does not have to be stressful and hard on joints. Experts have claimed that pool workouts help you burn calories faster and aquatic exercises are proved to be more efficient in reducing the risk of heart diseases caused by obesity.

2. Better sleep cycle

Sleep is the most important part of human beings as a poor sleep pattern might disrupt your everyday life, induce anxiety, and leads to unproductivity. Aqua yoga treats all these problems as it calms your mind and soul. After a good workout in the pool, you will sleep like a little child at the end of the day.

3. Better functioning of lungs

Water Yoga helps heart patients such as congestive cardiac failure as it strengthens and tones the lungs since healthy lungs keep many diseases at bay. The high density of water offers a healthier atmosphere for breathing exercises.

4. Body alignment

Water yoga gives us core strength which improves postural control and better body alignment. It allows deep access to the core muscles which might be a difficult task on land and strengthens the pelvic floor. Like a mermaid, you float.

5. Rejuvenating 

Who does not like floating on the surface in the pool on a hot summer day? Water yoga has comforting effects on mental, corporal, and spiritual levels. Practicing the ‘corpse pose’ or savasana calms your nervous system, calms your mind, and improves sleep, what else do you need?

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Things to keep in mind before you take a dive

Aqua Yoga must be performed under the supervision of a certified Aquatic trainer by a well-known organization. Pregnant women and people with chronic diseases must avoid performing full-range asanas.