7 Simple Curly Hair Hacks To Look Like A Goddess

By Fitmist


Simple Curly Hair Hacks

Curls! They speak loudly, in volumes.

Curls can be random, boisterous, and hard to tame, and on those days these wild curls feel less than desirable. As amazing as they look when taken care of, they are a perfect blend of sexy and fun. 

Every woman loves their hair to be playful but they know, it comes with a cost and care.  Curls always need the perfect recipe that suits each individual’s hair. Finding a hair routine that involves the right products can be important but it’s more than vital to get to know those tips and hair hacks that make you date-ready within a few minutes.

How to Curl Your Curly Hair?

Before jumping onto the hair hacks, one always thinks why not go to a salon? It can be convenient to have professionals deal with it with proper techniques but we all know that it’s not an everyday go-to option. Hair treatments like keratin treatments, Brazilian blowouts, hair spas, and mycro keratin treatment is necessary at least once a month to keep those curls curly and healthy. But we know that they can be somewhat expensive and not feasible. Here is where curly hair hacks can work wonders.

Let’s help you get around your curls with some curly hair hacks.

1. Who lives in the pineapple, under the sea!

We all know the answer to this. But that’s not it. As much as we do love to flaunt that Greek goddess look, well let’s stick to just being a pineapple for now. And as preposterous as this might have just sounded, hear us out. Have you ever felt your hair troubling you in your beauty sleep? To tie it down could help you sleep a lot better but if it also brings out your hair, even more, smoother in the next morning? It’ll be wonderful! This is the natural hair hack for improved volume.  These are the best hair hacks for your curly hair. 

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  • Take your hair into a very high pony and tie. Use another band to fold your hair twice, like a bun. This is the best to maintain your hair curls and keep it fizz-free.

2. Diffuser for the fizz

Naturally, curly hair tends to fizz up and look dry and dull after air drying it. Using a blower can sometimes make it look more haggard. This diffusing technique works as a magical wonder for curling your hair as well as drying them. It is specially made for those naughty curls and helps tame them down to give it a smooth appearance and structure you craved for. Know all about diffusing hair.

  • Attach the diffuser to the blower.
  • After washing your hair, applying the necessary styling product and just use this diffuser from the bottom-top to dry it.
  • Come out with some bouncy curls.

3. Deep conditioning

The eventual resolve for any hair type is to nourish those curls is found precisely in your wash.  Every single one of the curly hair hacks talks about deep conditioning before shampoo. It’s the basics to get your hair looking smoother and zestful. 

While having a lot of products out there, it might turn into quite a hard puzzle to choose from. Working with deep conditioning requires you to analyze your hair texture and then select the product that suits you best. Chemicals in the products are always a concern. Try out home remedies for conditioning and then fish around for products if necessary.

4. Styling curly hair- Plop, Plop, Plop!

As easy as it can be to style naturally straight hair, curly hair styling can be tricky. This is exactly why dealing with an extraordinary issue calls for extraordinary solutions. A plopping net! This very method works wonders in being the nudge to flaunting those extraordinary curls.

Applying your styling product, after which cover your hair with a net or spiral curler.

  • Spiral curlers are individual hair curlers.
  • Put each one by taking a few strands of your hair.
  • Then use a diffuser if you have one or just go for a regular blower.

5. Curly hair hacks using microfibers

How long does it take to air dry your hair? When air drying can be really difficult, some hair types tend to retain moisture and end up frizzing up. Allowing your hair to remain damp can not only make your hair frizzier but will also make them weak from the roots. If you want bold and strong curls, consider replacing your ordinary towel with a microfiber-based towel or simply a T-shirt. This will absorb most of the moisture quickly and give you a fresh look.

6. Detangle hair

Using a brush can often lead to a lot of hair fall and may even be difficult to run it through your stubborn curls. Using a detangling brush after a shower can lower your concerns. 

Try applying a serum or a sealing oil that will seal your hair tips from split ends and get you closer to your heartless curls. Preferably try to shampoo your hair alternating with apple cider vinegar wash. This can reduce the effects of too much shampooing.

7. LCO method for your hair

The lotion, cream, and oil method is the ideal way to hydrate your curls and keep your hair flowy. It keeps your strands closer to each other and assists your hair stay healthier. This is a must-try technique to provide lasting moisture to your hair. Get started with a perfect LCO guide from loreal.

Final words

We all desire to look bold. Looking good makes you feel good, which will always boost your confidence and let you speak your tone. The first step to success is to embrace that confidence. Let your curls go wild and speak for you. Curling your naturally straight hair or perfecting your already curly hair is now easier and made effortless with these hair hacks. Take to your method and with a little twist and turns you are all set!