7 Fig Recipes To Make The Most Out Of Summer’s Favorite Fruit

By Fitmist


Fig Recipes to Try

Figs are one of the best fruits and truly are one of the most refreshing fruits for summers. There is so much that you can do with them that the choices are endless. Be it salads, savory dishes, or even desserts. Figs don’t shy away from shining in dishes. They can intensify your dishes and make them so much healthier. The beauty of figs is that you don’t have to only consume them when fresh, you can also try dried figs. In addition to this, many sugar-free fig recipes can help satiate the craving of those with a sweet tooth. 

With this, it becomes mandatory for you to try some of these recipes for yourself. So here are some of the best fig recipes to try this summer. 

Health Benefits of Eating Fig Recipes

Sure, figs are great incorporation in dishes. But one of the major reasons for their use is its health benefits. There are so many amazing benefits that you can achieve by eating figs. Some of the major health benefits include:

1. Healthy gut

A great benefit of eating figs is that it helps in maintaining a healthy gut and relieves you from constipation. With its laxative benefits, it helps nourish and tone the intestines. Figs contain high levels of oxalates which help in providing the laxative effect. So do consult your doctor to check if it’s good to add to your diet. 

2. Fights hypertension

Studies have shown that figs help in decreasing blood pressure effectively. So, this fruit can help you with your hypertension conditions. However, the studies included higher concentrations of the fruit. So while it might not be possible to immediately reduce blood pressure on consuming figs, regular consumption can help you maintain stable blood pressure. 

Antidiabetic properties: figs also contain F.Carica which has been shown to regulate blood sugar levels. In this manner, figs provide their antidiabetic properties. This is due to the high concentration of flavonoids and polyphenols in figs.

3. Protects against osteoporosis

Due to the concentration of calcium and potassium in figs, they help in regaining and maintaining bone health. Both these minerals help in strengthening the bones thereby protecting against osteoporosis. Protects against breast cancer: this can be amazing to know but figs are known to lower the risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women. The dietary fiber from fruits can reduce breast cancer risk by as much as 50% for progesterone and estrogen receptor-positive tumors. 

4. Helps weight loss 

Figs can also help in weight loss. Since they are high in dietary fiber, they help reduce cravings and satiate you for longer. In addition to this, this fruit also includes probiotics that support existing good bacteria in the gut and improve digestion. They are also high in sugar which can make them a great alternative to create sugar-free fig recipes, including smoothies and shakes. 

7 Fig Recipes to Try

Now that we know why figs are so important, it is time to see some healthy fig recipes. You can make these recipes and tweak them just how you like them. 

1. Fresh fig tart

This is one of the best fresh fig recipes. All you have to do is create a tart with honey and figs. Then, you can add a sweet and lemony cheesecake filling to complete it all up. This dish is so refreshing and tasty that you can prepare it for any occasion including parties, potlucks, and when you’re inviting people over for dinners. You can serve this with some fresh-cut figs and honey drizzled on the top. 

2. Yogurt panna cotta with figs and honey

Another great fig recipe to try is this yogurt panna cotta with figs and honey. For this, you can create a panna cotta with small bits of figs and honey and then top it off with even more figs and honey. This recipe is based on ingredients like greek yogurt, goat cheese, honey, and fresh figs and is very easy to prepare. So if you want some light fig recipes to show off to your friends, this one does just the job. 

3. Fresh fig jam

Recipe for Fresh Fig Jam With Red Wine and Balsamic Vinegar | Recipe | Jam  recipes, Fig jam recipe, Fig recipes

You want some great recipe that can last long, convert figs into jam. With this homemade fig jam, you’ll be sure to create a stunner. This can be added to dressings, sauces, cheese boards, and even spread over a piece of toast. This is one of the best-dried fig recipes and can last for so long. You can create a big batch once and then enjoy it for weeks with this amazing ingredient addition. 

4. Fig blue cheese spinach salad

Figs and blue cheese go well together like bread and butter. To assemble this recipe, you need to toss in some fresh figs and blue cheese with some red onion, spinach left, and toasted pecans. This is just one of the most healthy fig recipes that are way more delicious than you can imagine. You can add any dressing of your choice on top to go with it. It’s a great quick fix for something to satiate you and hit all the taste buds for you. 

5. Spiced fig cobbler with cheddar cheese pastry 

Are you looking for a cobbler that is as creative as it is tasty? Then this is just the thing for you. This spiced fig cobbler is based on sharp cheddar cheese that truly matches the flavors of fresh figs. With a lightly spiced fig filling, your cheddar pastry will help create flavors that will make this dessert recipe to another level. Truly one of the best fresh fig recipes to try out. 

6. Bacon and fig cheese ball

Looking for something crispy and healthy? Then this is the dish for you. Try this recipe by incorporating fig jam, bits of bacon, cheddar, and cream cheese, and top them off with some scallions. This is great for appetizers for parties or even brunches. If you’re looking for vegan or vegetarian options then you can replace bacon with any such ingredient of your choice. This dish is going to make people come back for more. 

7. Honey fried figs

Another great sweet fig recipe is honey fried figs. For this, you can sauteed figs in a buttery and rich honey sauce. If you’re up for it, you can also add some wine to it to accentuate its flavors. Eat it as is or add it on top of yummy vanilla ice cream, you’ll just recreate perfect flavors that will satiate everyone with a sweet tooth.  

With so many recipes that can be created from this fruit, the possibilities are endless. So you should start by creating the recipes that tempt you the most and enjoy the abundance of nutrients and flavors that this fruit has in store for you. Treat yourself to some fig recipes this summer.