What You Should Know Right Now About Covid-19 and Your Health?

By Fitmist


Covid-19 and Your Health

None of us was aware that we would be facing such a destructive pandemic. A pandemic where we will have to lock ourselves up for months and face difficult situations. 

The COVOD-19 outbreak has brought to the foray the compromised health and immunity of the global population. Previously, most people were very casual or reluctant with their fitness, wellness, and diet. The last two years have exposed our vulnerability in the face of deadly viruses, and people have become more conscious of their well being. Since 2020- all our discussions have been around Covid-19 and your health. 

Today the world is facing the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Usually, they get transmitted from animals to humans which affect your respiratory tract, primarily the large airways. Covid-19 affects your health badly. It reduces your immunity, your body’s ability to fight back germs. 

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Covid-19 and Your Health

This communicable disease can be cured but the chances drop if you are old or have bad health. Coronavirus (Covid-19) spreads from human to human in the following ways:

  • The particles present in the air- The virus gets distributed in the air when a sick person coughs or sneezes in the air(without covering their mouth). The same air gets inhaled by a healthy person and the chain goes on.
  • Physical contact- When you hug or make Physical contact with a sick person, you get Covid-19.
  • Using the same utensils, books or objects- When you touch or use the objects used by a sick person, you get Covid-19.
  • Visiting a sick friend’s or person’s house- When you stay in a sick person’s house which is small and confined, you get Covid-19 .
  • Crowded places- When you stay in crowded places for longer periods, the virus present in the air makes you prone to get Covid-19.

Some people rashly ignore the restrictions put down by the government and end up being contagious. Always wear a mask, wash your hands and abide by the rules. Getting vaccinated is the best option for Covid-19 and your health. 

How do you know you have Covid-19? Well, there are a few symptoms but many people still get Covid-19 despite not showing the symptoms. So it’s better to have a checkup when possible. 

Most Common symptoms:

  • cold and flu
  • sneezing and dry cough
  • tired feeling
  • fever or chills

Serious symptoms:

  • shortness of breath
  • exacerbated asthma
  • chest pain
  • less energy to move
  • loss of speaking ability

Less common symptoms:

  • headache
  • sore throat
  • loss of taste
  • skin rashes
  • aches
  • conjunctivitis
  • loss of smell

Track your health for 2 days straight and if nothing changes contact a doctor. Ignoring such symptoms will make you more prone to face worse consequences like death.

Impact Of Covid-19 On Individual’s Life

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a huge loss to humanity both economically and socially. The shutting down of stores, schools and other places impacted many people’s lives. It also forced people to look for better options, which resulted in online classes and meetings. But the negative impacts are still countless. 

  • Unemployment

Many people lost their jobs and fell into extreme poverty. They were unemployed and could not even support their families. Extreme poverty resulted in a loss of money, health and happiness. Quarantine was a good decision for people’s health but they lost their earnings.

  • Bad Health

As mentioned earlier Covid-19 and your health go hand-in-hand. People who were exposed to the virus got sick and had to face death. Even poor people become malnourished due to no food. 

Over 44.8 Lakhs people have lost their lives to Covid-19. Even mild symptoms can badly affect your health, so avoid going out and take care of yourself. 

  • Workforce And Companies 

About half of the world’s workforce, 3.3 billion people, are at the risk of losing their livelihoods. Companies are losing their employees and suffering huge losses due to Covid-19. 

  • Food

People were unable to feed themselves and their families. Farmers lost their income as there were trade restrictions and border closures. The agricultural workers were prevented from harvesting their crops, selling their products and buying inputs. All such disruptions reduced access to healthy diets and good food, affecting the international food chain.

  • Social Life
  1. no celebrations or gatherings
  2. no school which means no fun and postponement of exams
  3. cancellations of sports events and various tournaments
  4. no national or international travelling
  5. closure of religious places, malls, hotels, theatres, clubs, etc.
  • Mental Health 

Staying alone in your home for months makes you feel lonely, depressed and stressed. You feel less motivated to do your work and become lazy. Your mental health gets destroyed as you cannot meet your friends and family. Take care of your mental health by practising yoga, tai chi or deep breathing.

Recovery From The Pandemic Situation

Here is the situation of recovery from pandemic situation: 

  • Inclusive Recovery:

Stop being lazy, encourage yourself to work out and stay fit. If you are in a stable condition, try to support other people and small businesses. Let your children be on mobile phones or laptops only for their study-related stuff, take the items back once they’re done. 

Take the right decisions when pursuing education in a pandemic and avoid offline school. Work together with your friends and family to achieve better health and financial state.

  • Race To Vaccinate

Getting vaccinated is the only option to fight this virus, not just one person but the whole world needs to be vaccinated. Try to spread awareness about vaccination centres and help senior citizens to get vaccines first. Wait for your turn and get your family vaccinated too. 

Keep track of the various variants of Coronavirus (Covid-19) and with proper research choose the best vaccine for yourself. Support safe travel and trade too.

  • Green Environment 

Your surroundings also impact the chances of getting Covid-19. If you are in a crowded place, you might get the virus. But If you are in an open place filled with trees and greenery, you won’t get the virus. You will feel positive about yourself. Stop using cars too much and accelerate a low-carbon transition. 

  • Health 

Even though you won the battle, you need to keep monitoring your health and try to go for body checkups. Follow a proper diet, do workouts, 7-9 hours of good sleep, drink plenty of water, consume 3 meals at regular times, avoid staying up late and take medicines at times.

Look after your parents and other family members too. Help them with their chores and remind them to take their medications. Use sanitizers and wear masks to save yourself from Covid-19.

Bottom Line

Some people who got cured, faced long-term effects of Covid-19 such as extreme weakness, multiorgan effects, shortness of breath, changes in period cycles, loss of smell and taste, stomach pain, sleep problems, etc. Hence, vaccination is necessary to get rid of all such problems. The importance of Covid-19 and your health cannot be stressed enough.

Once you get Covid-19 vaccine you may experience dizziness and tiredness for a few days. If the problem persists, contact a doctor ASAP!