13 Amla Juice Benefits To Seize The Healthiest Version Of Yourself!


Consuming amla juice will do the job that most healthy ingredients can do. But, it can also do the job that most ingredients can never do! Amla, also called the Indian gooseberry, is a fruit extensively used in many regions of Asia, its native land. Amla is gaining rapid fame throughout the world for its medicinal uses and is being referred to as “superfruit” and “Vitamin C powerhouse.”

If amla juice is not a part of your diet yet, it may be because you are not aware of the weight its benefits carry for your body. But, this article will change that by explaining to you all you need to know about this awesome fruit! Keep reading to keep learning! 

Excellent benefits of amla juice 

Here are some great benefits of amla juice

1. Prevention of cancer 

Amla can restrict the multiplication of carcinogenic cells with one of its key antioxidants SOD- Superoxide Dismutase. This interference in the growth of cancerous cells makes it highly useful in preventing cancer. 

People already suffering from cancer can also benefit from amla as it is known to counter the side-effects caused by anti-cancer drugs, radiation, and chemotherapy. 

Amla can also eliminate one of the root causes of skin, liver, and stomach cancer-free radicals. With the regular intake of amla juice, free radicals in your body are kept at bay!

2. Vision enhancement 

One of the best nutrients you can include in your life to improve your eyesight is Vitamin C, and amla is said to contain an amount of Vitamin C equivalent to twenty oranges! This immense amount of Vitamin C assists in the maintenance of retinal cells and enhances the health of capillaries. 

Regular consumption of amla juice will also lower the risk of cataracts, and controls its symptoms, benefiting those affected by cataracts. 

Amla’s remarkable effect on free radicals provides strength to eye muscles, lowers intraocular pressure, and reduces itchiness in the eyes. 

3. Blood purification with amla 

Amla is a fantastic detoxifier due to its antioxidant properties. These antioxidants purify the blood and help the body flush out the toxins. As a result, the red blood cell and hemoglobin count increase significantly. 

Amla juice consumption can also strengthen and thicken the blood vessels, which is a very healthy thing to happen to them! 

4. Amla for weight loss 

Inactive and slow metabolism is one of the major causes of weight gain and obesity. With its excessive amount of antioxidants, amla kicks out the toxins and free radicals from the digestive tract, speeding the metabolic rate and making it healthy. 

Amla juice will reduce weight by eliminating toxins that increase weight, heaviness, and flatulence. One other factor that aids in weight loss is the synthesis of protein, which is greatly enhanced by regularly consuming a glass of amla juice every day. 

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5. Constipation and piles relief 

By detoxifying the digestive tract, amla juice can help in the modulation of bowel movements and prove highly effective in the treatment of chronic constipation caused due to stomach disorders and piles. 

The high amount of fiber in combination with the anti-inflammatory properties of amla can also beat hyperacidity, stomach ulcers, gastric pain, diarrhea, and dysentery. 

6. Prevents grey hair and hair loss

Amla has a multitude of beauty benefits, one of them being the improvement of hair health. Amla is often used in hair products for the same reason. Amla’s richness of antioxidants and iron is a treat for the scalp as it reduces hair fall and strengthens the hair follicles.

Amla juice also increases blood flow to the scalp, which drastically reduces the premature greying of hair. In addition to this, amla can promote hair growth, minimize the appearance of dandruff, and add shine and volume to hair. 

7. Benefits for liver 

Amla juice’s removal of toxins has impressive effects on the liver as well! If one consumes amla juice regularly, their liver’s health will stay top-notch, as amla detoxifies it and prevents it from infections and damage. It also has a promising effect on the health of other organs’ functioning. 

8. Enhancement of bone and muscle health 

Our bone and muscle health starts to deteriorate with age. Regular intake of amla juice helps prevent the bones from becoming weak and fragile. It provides our bones and muscles strength by reducing the count of cells responsible for bone breakage- osteoclasts. 

9. Improves oral health 

Oral health elevation is another incredible benefit given by amla juice. Gargling with amla juice provides strength to the teeth and eliminates bad-breath-causing bacteria, significantly bettering the environment inside the mouth. In some people, it may also result in the improvement of teeth color. 

10. Provides coolness 

Drinking cold amla juice decreases body heat by a significant margin. The presence of enormous amounts of Vitamin C in this amazing fruit helps in the production of tannins that shield our body from excessive heat and UV light. 

11.  Anti-inflammatory properties 

The anti-inflammatory properties of amla juice prevent inflammation and swelling caused due to pain. This property is highly beneficial in inflammatory conditions such as arthritis that result in the swelling in the discomfort of joints. Amla juice consumption can also provide relaxation in stomach tissue inflammation. 

12. Age backward with amla juice 

Amla juice has outstanding effects on skin conditions. Drinking a glass of amla juice every day slows down the appearance of signs of aging like wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines. Amla can also brighten the skin, lighten the skin tone, reduce skin irregularities like acne and make it flawless and radiant! 

 13. Amla juice for multiple ailments 

Consuming amla juice is said to improve immunity. This helps in alleviating multiple ailments such as cough or chest congestion, colds, flu, and mouth ulcers. This incredible quality is owed to the extraordinary amount of Vitamin C present in it. 

Amla’s effect on immunity also helps in warding off heart problems and many other viral and bacterial infections. 

The original meaning of the word amla is the “elixir of life”, derived from “Amalaki”, a Sanskrit word. And now you have all the reasons to know why it is called so! 

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