Anxiety Disorders By Age 13 Is On The Rise : Here's How To Treat It

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Anxiety Disorders by Age 13 in Girls

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues found in women. But did you know that new studies claim that you can detect anxiety disorders by age 13 in women? This is generally being promoted to ensure the overall wellbeing of women by early detection of this mental health issue. 

It is very common to see anxiety disorders in women. But sometimes the problem lies in how undetected it is. Many people don’t get diagnosed with this mental health issue which leaves them in a frenzy their whole life without realizing what’s going on. 

But this isn’t how things should be. Now that there are more significant treatment methods for anxiety disorder, screening for anxiety also becomes very important. 

Anxiety Disorders by Age 13 in Girls

While it is recommended that routine screenings of depression be done, especially in the US, there are not many efforts taken for screening for anxiety. However, it is notable that there is a huge increase in the anxiety levels of women accounting to be about twice that of men. 

So, it is now being recommended that there be anxiety screenings for teen girls, including postpartum and pregnant women. This recommendation is largely to ensure that there is early detection of anxiety disorders so that conditions that come along with it, including PTSD and depression, can also be diagnosed and treated relatively quickly. 

Now, many doctors have said that anxiety just lives under the surface and can disable the life of the disabled one a lot. While anxiety disorders in women can’t be diagnosed by clinicians, if proper questions are asked, these can be uncovered easily. 

This can help in allowing mental health experts to help the patients in the best way possible. The process of screening for anxiety is not very difficult. Usually, everyone can get screened for anxiety by simply filling out a questionnaire. 

Results of these questionnaires can be very vital in understanding how much the person is being affected and how to get started with the process of helping them out. So, it is being suggested that girls get screened for anxiety during their annual visits. 

Anxiety Disorders by Age 13

It is also being recommended that these screenings be done when the depression screenings are done because many a time, both these disorders co-exist together thereby disabling a patient to a great extent. 

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To screen anxiety disorders by 13 and beyond for women, there are many screening tools that can be used efficiently. Some of them include the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale in pregnant and postpartum women, Patient Health questionnaire- 4 for anxiety and depression and the Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale in adult women, and the Bright Futures Pediatric Symptom Checklist- Youth report in adolescents and young women. 

However, more research needs to be done in the matter to get more information about the frequency of screenings and the pros and cons of the frequency. If screening for anxiety is done in an early stage, medical organizations are certain that a lot of years of symptoms and impairments can be eradicated in the lives of many women. This is especially important because anxiety disorders are known to worsen during various hormonal fluctuations. These commonly occur in women during postpartum, puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. In addition, due to societal pressures laid on women and the instances of assault and sexual harassment, women are at a greater risk to get an anxiety disorder.

How can Anxiety Be Treated?

Once that diagnosis is done, there are many methods using which anxiety disorders in women can be treated. Some helpful methods include:

1. CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)

This is one of the major ways in which anxiety is treated. This therapy aims at changing the way the mind of women responds to the various points of stress that give rise to anxiety. 

Unlike general therapy wherein a person talks about what affected them and how it affected them, this aims at also doing something. So, you learn and implement new strategies to relearn your old thinking and involves a lot of unlearning and learning. 

In this way, you become your therapist when you encounter a stress point. Essentially, it is a great way to put action and words together. 

2. Antidepressants

Based on various cases, antidepressants can be very useful in many anxiety disorder treatments. This is because they can help a person to function without facing much disability. While the medication and dosage need to be very strict, this is one of the most widely used methods that work very well. 

Majorly, the treatments of anxiety are very varied. They change based on every case and are personalized based on the patient that is fighting anxiety. So it is not possible to list everything because different things work for different people and they can be diagnosed by a designated medical authority only. 

However, the treatment isn’t the easy part. There are so many difficulties that are encountered even when a patient seeks treatment for anxiety disorders. One of the major issues is one access to treatment. 

Many communities cannot access therapy freely or easily. This can be because of issues of insurance or general therapy programs in your university. However, some of the programs have training clinics where you can get therapy for a relatively cheaper price or even free at times. 

But this doesn’t mean that it’s bad. These therapists are being trained by licensed therapists. So you’re in good hands. In addition to it, you can also ask your doctor or your relatives and friends for their assistance. It is about trying to get help even when it can be hard to get sometimes. 

Anxiety disorders by age 13: Verdict

Anxiety can be very crippling and can ruin some of your best years in the worst manner. So, it becomes very important to get diagnosed at an early age to ensure that you don’t miss out on your life because of these anxiety disorders by age 13. This also enables you to eradicate any larger issues that it may cause later in life. 

And once that you are diagnosed, it becomes even more important to get treated. Some people underestimate the effect that mental health issues can have on their lives. And this largely explains why these issues are not being addressed as vocally as many other physical illnesses. 

But it is time to get it screened and diagnosed. So ensure that you do your part and ensure that you’re safe.