Did You Use a Broken Condom? This is How You Can Avoid Pregnancy

By Fitmist


How You can Avoid Pregnancy

Let us all admit that we have all been in this embarrassing situation at least once in our life! 

Ever freaked out because of a broken condom? Don’t worry! We have made things clear and easy for you. Keep reading to know everything about broken condoms and their repercussions. 

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about what to do if the condom breaks. 

Stay Calm

In situations like these, people often freak out instead of staying calm. We would advise you to stay calm as there are many options to terminate unwanted pregnancies. Talk to your partner and decide what’s best for both of you. 

Take a deep breath and try to remember exactly when the condom broke. It might help you in knowing the exact situation so that you can come to a conclusion and make your decision. 

Are you Worried About Getting Pregnant?

If your concern is pregnancy, we will tell you what you can do if the condom breaks. If the condom broke, you need to first detach yourself from your partner. Do not continue it any further if you suspect that the condom is broken. 

Did your partner ejaculate in your body? 

If yes, then you need to take an emergency pill to stop conceiving. 

Emergency contraceptive pills 

If a condom breaks, the best thing you can do is to take emergency pills. These pills contain levonorgestrel which is a hormone used in birth control pills. 

Generally, levonorgestrel is combined with estrogens in the combination-type birth control pills. 

Broken Condom

If you have cancer or diabetes, these birth control pills might not be a good choice for you as they interact with your body. So, we would advise you to consult your doctor before you start taking these birth control pills. As the name suggests, emergency contraceptive pills are for emergency only. Do not take emergency contraceptive pills as your primary birth control measure. 

There are some common side effects of emergency birth control pills. They include tiredness, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Your menstrual cycle might also be affected if you take emergency birth control pills frequently. The other substitute for levonorgestrel is ulipristal. Ulipristal is also an emergency birth control pill. It is also known by the name of its salt – ulipristal acetate. 

While levonorgestrel tablets work within 3 days (72 hours) of sexual intercourse, ulipristal tablets can work longer than that. Ulipristal tablets can be taken within 5 days of sexual intercourse. Even if these tablets have a good time of action, your doctor will advise you to take these pills as early as possible. When you have unprotected sex, try to take the pill on the same day. Emergency contraception pills are also called morning-after pills. According to experts, emergency contraceptive pills are 95% efficient in preventing pregnancies. Its efficacy decreases as time increases. 

What to do immediately after you realise that your condom was broken? 

If you realise that the condom you relied on was a broken condom, you first need to stop the sexual activity till you figure out the situation. Go to the washroom and wash your vagina with mild soap and warm water. You can also use an intimate wash. This might be able to reduce the semen ejaculated into your vagina. Try to force your vagina to push out the semen from inside of it. Peeing is also considered as an effective way to remove any semen residue inside your vagina. Therefore, try to pee and flush out the semen from your body. Do not poke your finger into your vagina as this may, in turn, help the semen in getting deeper into your body. 

Should you take a pregnancy test? 

If by any means you doubt that you are pregnant, you can consider taking a pregnancy test. Your doctor will advise you to take a pregnancy test if you missed your periods. Pregnancy test focuses on detecting the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin in your body. For that, you need to pee on the pregnancy test kit so that it detects the presence of HCG (human gonadotropin hormone) in your urine. 

How to Prevent STDs if the condom broke? 

Condoms prevent sexually transmitted diseases effectively. Consult a doctor if you experience anything like abdominal pain, discharge from vagina or sores in your genital area. In normal conditions, you will be asked to go to the doctor only if you experience its symptoms. However, if your condom breaks and you want to get yourself tested, you should go to the doctor for STD test. 

Most common sexually transmitted infections are HIV and herpes virus. Gonorrhoea is also common among many individuals. Sexually transmitted diseases are transferred from one person to another if uninfected people have sex with infected people. 


To avoid the breaking of condom, you need to use lubricant if your natural lubrication is not enough. The condom might break due to friction, in that case. If you are already using lubricants, try using the water-based lube and not the oil-based lube because the water-based lube will not tear the material of the condom. While the oil-based have chemicals that can result in the breakage of condoms. If pregnancy is your concern, take birth control pills as well. Do not get dependent just on condoms. 

Also, if you have an old pack of condoms, throw it right away, as the old condoms are at a higher risk of getting broken during sex. Their elasticity decreases when they are kept for too long. Always wear the condom of your size. If they are too tight, they might get damaged. If they are too loose, they will come off easily even when you’re in the middle of sexual intercourse. Many sexually transmitted infections are asymptomatic. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your body and look out for potential symptoms. We would advise you to go to your doctor for the sexually transmitted infections test as a test won’t harm anyone. Will it? 

In this article, we mainly discussed broken condoms and what to do if a condom breaks. For more such articles, subscribe to our newsletter today!