Cuckolding: Is It The New Normal? | 7 Reasons For Its Popularity

By Fitmist


cuckolding popularity reasons

Cuckolding is one of those sex fetishes that, for many of us, only appears to exist in pornography. But while some individuals may wonder why on earth your significant other would be into you picking up another guy from the bar down the street for some Saturday night fun, there are plenty of people who frantically want their partner to be down for a short cuck-play. This sensual situation does not need to remain a reverie. If you are curious, here is everything you should know about cuckolding and how to experience it with your spouse. 

What Is Cuckolding?

A cuckold is somebody who takes delight in seeing their spouse have sex with someone else. conventionally, it is a guy whose wife or girlfriend is having sex with other people, and there is an element of the man being ridiculed for his wife’s lack of physical interest in him. But of course, cuckolding can be relished by duos of any sexual orientation, gender, and part, and there is a broad spectrum of methods that the couple observes the affairs with the third person. In some situations, it is more like an open relationship where only one person has other lovers.

For most duos who include elements of cuckolding, it seems a bit more like swinging or polyamory, where the main center is all on the wife’s sexual actions. While many cuckolding fancies include fairly extreme elements of adultery, sexual actions, humiliation, and docility, these seem to mostly be fantasy in most duos. In many cuckolding events, the cuck wishes to  see the sex take place between their partner and the outsider, but seldom the cuck might just want to listen to the details afterward—or even correct their partner choose their clothes before.

Why Do Some People Enjoy Cuckolding?

Alike many kinks, oftentimes individuals find it strange that someone can be turned on by their spouse having sex with someone else, particularly because we live in a mostly monogamous community. But there are tones of causes individuals (generally men) enjoy cuckolding:

  • Compersion

Compersion is a term that means “to take pleasure from another person’s delight.” It’s often used among consensually nonmonogamos individuals as a major reason some people like “sharing” their spouse, or something they acquire to enjoy along the way to aid them in battling potential possessiveness. To put it simply, some people enjoy cuckolding because they take delight in their partner being pleasured. 

  • The taboo element

One cause individuals are puzzled by this fetish is the same reason individuals are into it and this goes for many fetishes and kinks. In our society, you are not “supposed to”  desire your spouse having sex with someone else and surely not in your own home or in front of your own eyes—which is what can make cuckolding even more of a turn-on for some. 

  • Discovering sexual orientation

In some instances, cuckolding might be a safe place for a man to travel his possible interest in other men. The man can “basically use their wife as a ‘proxy’ for him having sex with the other man, according to some health experts. 

  •  Power dynamics

Many individuals relish the passive aspect of cuckolding. They want to indulge in power dynamics that include serving their spouse and helping them get and/or satisfy the “alpha” partner or the bull. They might even relish the humiliation that comes from sensing like another person can satisfy their spouse better than they can, and they will want their spouse to play up this notion with dirty talk or giving feedback about the sexual actions that took place.

 In some intense BDSM cuckolding pornography, you could see the cuckold bolted in a box while a woman and the male engage in intercourse on top of the box. You may also find videos of the cuck washing up after the sexual performances or other degrading acts included in assisting the male and the female spouse enjoy. 

  • Candaulism 

The Candaulism craze is included in many cuckolding events, where the husband gets delighted and proud from having a partner that other guys need and from revealing her off/sharing her with those guys. If a gentleman enjoys cuckolding for this cause essentially, there is a great chance he has more interest in cuckolding more on this below. 

  • Porn

Many of us relish seeing individuals having sex in the kind of pornography, right? Some guys feel that, through cuckolding, they can have their secret porn star performing for them at their house. 

  • Competition

Some analysis implies that there are guys who turn the charge of physical jealousy over being cuckolded into a turbocharge of sensual arousal, as they ‘reclaim’ their wife. This physiological urge is seldom related to “sperm competition theory” and proposes that watching your spouse with another fellow can lead to the cuck having a more powerful orgasm, more sperm in their ejaculate, and bodily being able to have sex sooner after having an orgasm. 

How to try cuckolding?

Like all sensual fancies, cuckolding is lighter said than done—specifically because you have to find a willing third person that both you and your spouse are comfortable with. Another thing about sensual fancies that you always want to consider is if cuckolding is something that you will both relish in real life. Or is it hotter when you speak about it in bed, see it in porn, etc.? Of course, you never know until you try—but including a third spouse can surely bring in play, so you need to make sure you know what you’re getting yourselves into. 

The bottom line

At the end of the day, it’s wonderful if cuckolding is something a person wants to explore with their spouse. it can be a pleasant way to spice up your love life or test with non-monogamy. Nonetheless, if you and your spouse decide that cuckolding is too strong for a real-life situation but pleasant as a fantasy only, that’s fine too.