Gum Contouring: The Solution For Your Gummy Smile

By Fitmist


gum contouring

They say it’s your smile that increases the value of your face. But, what if you are not fully satisfied with your natural smile? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this article, we will tell you about this amazing cosmetic treatment which will make your smile the best part about your face. Say bye to your gummy smile! Read on, to know more about gum contouring, its procedure, cost, effectiveness and more! 

What Is Gum Contouring? 

Gum contouring is a cosmetic treatment which primarily focuses on making your smile look good on you. Opting for gum contouring is a personal choice, though. You may or may not want to get cosmetic treatment for your gums. Gum contouring, or as we call it in layman’s terms, gum shaping is done by a cosmetic surgeon. During the process, your doctor will remove the excess gum skin from your teeth and will shape it further. 
Cosmetic surgeons may do it either with the help of tools or with a laser. The goal is to shape the gums and make the teeth look even and better. The most used tool during gum shaping is the scalpel. Your doctor will make a mark on your skin first, and then he will shape the marked area using a scalpel. On the other hand, if your doctor treats your gums by using a laser, much of his work will be lessened. 

Why should you consider gum contouring? 

gum contouring need

It is a personal decision, as we said earlier. If you want to enhance your smile, you can go for this cosmetic treatment. Also, if your gums cover a large area of your teeth, this treatment will help you to get the perfect teeth. This treatment, however, has proved to be effective in reshaping and redefining the look of your gums. Many celebrities consider this cosmetic treatment to enhance their smiles. This is not a medically necessary treatment, though. It is done to improve the look of gums and teeth. Therefore, It is mainly for cosmetic purposes. 

The process of gum contouring 

Gum contouring is usually performed in one day. It is done by the dental gum contouring expert. The doctor will give you a local anesthetic before proceeding towards the surgery. You will not feel much pain during the entire process of shaping gum. According to experts, gum shaping is done by removing gum skins from certain places above your teeth and reshaping the gums. If needed, the skin may also be added from different parts of the oral cavity.  The doctor will use a scalpel for shaping gum.

You might experience a little bit of pain when the effect of local anesthetic will fade. In that case, your doctor will prescribe you over-the-counter pain relievers. In case of swelling, it is suggested that you treat it with a cold compress. Your doctor might also give you antibiotics to prevent any infection. Sometimes, you might face bleeding or a little discomfort after this treatment, but it will only stay for one or two days maximum. 

Laser gum contouring V/s manual gum contouring

Laser gum contouring V/s manual gum contouring

Laser gum contouring is done by using a high powered laser beam. It is a painless experience, unlike the manual gum contouring technique. The manual gum contouring technique may have errors. But, Laser gum contouring is 99% errorless. It is a new technology compared to the manual one. It offers improved precision and faster recovery. The bleeding is also less. 

How old should I be to get an appointment for gum contouring?

According to experts, there is no specific age for gum contouring. Anyone with healthy teeth, free from mouth problems can get an appointment for gum contouring with a dental cosmetic surgeon. But, if you have problems like cavities and oral cancer, this might not be a good decision for you. 

Diet after gum shaping 

The local anesthetic given by the doctor during gum shaping can produce allergy sometimes. Therefore, your doctor will suggest that you take a soft diet which involves foods that can be swallowed easily. He might advise you to take a semi-solid diet as well. Yoghurt, milk, juices, pulses are some of the options you can go for! The purpose is to avoid sticky and citrusy food items as they can cause a problem if they get stuck in your teeth.

Cost of gum contouring

The cost of gum contouring and reshaping ranges from 10,000 INR to 1,00,000 INR. This cost is only for the reshaping, though. If you want to get tissue grafts, gingival flap surgery or gum surgery, the cost will add up. The cost also depends on the place that you choose to have your surgery. Fancy cosmetic clinics with highly qualified dental gum contouring experts will demand higher prices. 

Is my dental contouring covered in my dental insurance policy? 

The answer is – no! Dental contouring is considered a cosmetic treatment and not a medically necessary treatment. Therefore, it is not covered in your dental insurance policy. 

How to take care of your teeth after gum shaping?

You will be advised to use a brush with soft bristles for several days after your gum contouring treatment. Practice good dental hygiene to prevent any infection until your new gum tissues settle. You need to take care of your diet as well. Do not eat food items that can stick in your gums and cause infection. Let the gums heal. The recovery time ranges from seven days to ten days. You can rinse your mouth with saline water after having meals. It is a good way to prevent deposition of food particles between the gums and teeth. If you have swelling in your gums after the treatment, you can take over-the-counter painkillers as recommended by your doctor. 

Also, avoid touching your tongue to your gums and let them heal. The best way to recover naturally after the treatment is by taking rest. No matter how much precautions you take, if you are not giving proper rest to your body, you will not be able to heal properly. There is a great amount of chance of developing other mouth problems if your gums don’t heal. Therefore, take care of your oral hygiene as much as possible. In this article, we talked about gum contouring, its cost, effectiveness and the aftercare. For more such articles, subscribe to our newsletter!