Unsaid Health Benefits Of Good Friendship You Need To Know!

By Fitmist


Amazing Benefits of Good Friendship

Friendship. What is that? A deal where two people promise each other to share their deepest secrets and do silly things together? 

Well, we can agree that’s what friendship is but there’s a lot more to it! 

You’re lucky if you have friends who support you and stay with you even in your hard times. Good friends are like gems, hard to find. They trust you, care about you, light up your mood when you are sad, and communicate openly without hesitation. But are there any health benefits of good friendship? 

Adding to all of that there are also health benefits of good friends. That’s what good friends do but not all of your friends have the same mindset, some can be harmful.

Bad friends might have such traits:

  • way too nice at first
  • says mean things nicely
  • back bitches about you
  • puts pressure on you to do things
  • judges you and makes you feel low
  • lies and knowingly gives bad suggestions
  • takes you for granted and holds long grudges for small things

If you notice such behaviours in any of your friends, try to talk and clear everything. If they overreact, you know honey they belong to the streets!

Health Benefits of Good Friendship 

Here are some health benefits of good friendship:

1. Stress-free life

Good friends reduce your stress by cracking jokes or telling any random hilarious story. They try to solve your problems and suggest the best solutions, which might work sometimes. You dance together, live every moment with enthusiasm. They work as effectively as antidepressants and help you to face stressful situations confidently.

2. Moral and emotional support 

Strong friendships offer moral support and health benefits. If you are indecisive about a particular matter, friends provide guidance and support you no matter what your decision is.

Friends support you by:

  • listening to what you have got to say
  • considering your feelings
  • giving importance to what you want
  • distracting you from situations where they cannot help you
  • doing things that you love to do

3. Less loneliness

Loneliness kills a person from within. It destroys your mental and physical health. But you know good friends can boost your mental health, help you avoid isolation, and increase social interactions. Even if you both dislike social interactions, you both can be “lonely together”.

4. Character development 

Having good friends can improve your character. True friends spot your mistakes and help you to rectify them. You start knowing yourself in a better way which can even improve your attitude. Suppose you have a bad habit of consuming alcohol or drugs, they will help you get rid of that habit. Slowly and steadily there will be a day when they won’t have to nag at you. 

They can even be your workout buddy and you both get the health benefits of good friendship.

5. Fellowship

You will become a better and stronger person if you have supportive friends. Close friendships help you to foster feelings of belonging and you become responsible for being their true friend. 

You will feel more secure about your life as you know you have your homies back!

6. Challenges 

Life can be hard at times and you might feel awful about yourself. But true friends can be a reason and a guide for you to keep living. Whether it’s a breakup, death of your loved one or pet, divorce or any traumatic event, reaching out to your friend and sharing with them might help.

Importance of Having Good Friendship

  • you feel less lonely and stressed
  • you feel loved and cared
  • you know you and your opinions matter
  • increased self-esteem and self-confidence
  • you learn about more ways to solve problems and develop a new perspective
  • you don’t have trust issues when you have a true and loyal friend
  • you got 24/7 support and a free therapist
  • you live a happier life
  • you learn life lessons with them
  • improved mental health
  • you learn how to build a deeper and stronger relationship
  • everything seems funny when you’re together
  • you learn how to maintain a healthy and lasting friendship
  • there are health benefits of good friendships
  • you make numerous memories
  • together you both learn to love each other despite the flaws
  • you can always be the real you
  • improved quality of life
  • you get a forever companion
  • improved character
  • improved sense of humour
  • you have a 2 a.m. friend
  • your dreams and goals are valued by true friends

Effects of Bad Friendship 

Here are some effects of bad friendship:

1. Loneliness

The way your bad friends try to pull you down might make you feel more lonely. Such toxic friends are jealous and try to do bad things knowingly. At times, when you reach out and try to be a part of their plan, they ignore you and you start to isolate yourself. 

It’s just for namesake, they only take advantage of you.

2. Stress, Stress, and Stress

Such friendships are a great source of stress nowadays. They befriend you and the very next moment start to bully you. The stress gets piled up and can even impact your health badly.

It’s better to end such toxic friendships and stay alone.

3. No support or encouragement 

You expect your friends to support you and help you, even if at the very least you want them to listen to you but in bad friendships, your problems often get ignored or they start talking about their struggle. 

Friendships are a two-way street, you cannot expect the other person to provide you with the things you cannot provide them.

4. Bad mental health

Their behavior makes you question your behavior and you start to blame yourself for everything. Your self-esteem is destroyed and eventually, you have no guts to speak out about your issues. Your mental health problems increases, you become demotivated, dissatisfied, and depressed. 

5. The decline of other relationships 

Their bad influence, suggestions, and actions affect your other friendships. Bad friends try to control your life by being the boss of your life and when you need them, they betray you. Such actions can result in an end with friends who care and support you. Once you cut off such a good friendship, you will be left all alone.

Bottom Line

The health benefits of good friendships can help you to recover from a traumatic experience and this, in turn, leads you to feel healthier and happier. They never fail to make you laugh and feel good about yourself. If you want a true friend, develop the qualities of a true friend in yourself first and you are all set to find your homie!