High-functioning Anxiety: Pro Tips On How To Manage It

By Fitmist


Everything about high-functioning anxiety

We all get anxious. For some, it is easier to get over and for others it is hard. So, what high-functioning anxiety? It is such a chronic mental health condition that has its impact on health, self-esteem, and relationships. When one suffers from this condition they are easily misunderstood by other people and suffer from high discomfort. 

In this article, we will read from both the people’s point of view. One, who deals with high-functioning anxiety, and the other deals with the person suffering from the same. 

What people with high-functioning anxiety want you to know

Here is what people with high-functioning anxiety want you to know

1. Sometimes the illness cannot be seen 

This is one of the greatest things that people with high-functioning anxiety deal with. Whenever they go through some kind of tough situation, people in their environment, like friends or family, neglect it. In short, they do not take the person’s anxiety seriously. 

Whereas the person itself wants to tell that he/she is not fine. They end up getting stressed and overthink most of the time, even if every materialistic thing in their lives is fine. 

2. The mental condition is not the character

Whenever people with high-functioning share something about their mental feelings, their character is labeled according to that. For instance, when the person says that he or she is worried, that often becomes a part of their character. 

While it is not! The labeling of character goes on while growing up and gets piled up. Thus, the anxiety of the person comes out in ways such as anger, frustration, or irritation. 

3. They cannot snap out of a situation 

Another thing people with high-functioning anxiety want to make us realize that cannot easily get over one thing. People with this order of anxiety often lookout to a psychiatrist. And they often end up with another set of medications. 

Most of the psychiatrist’s advice is to get over the situation that is giving them a tough time. But it is not that easy. 

Realize that taking on new meds routines or accepting the advice of snapping out of it, does not do the job. Sometimes, they get stuck in the memory of a difficult situation and it is tough for them to get out of it. 

Ways to manage high-functioning anxiety 

Here is some easy advice that can help you to cope up with your anxiety: 

1. Recognize the roots of your symptoms 

Mental illness is like another disease. Next time when you deal with high-functioning anxiety, think why are you getting this in the first place? The reason might be stupid, but it will give you a huge relief. 

First, you need to learn how to recognize the symptoms? This will help you to solve the situation easily. Like overthinking, anxiety is caused when our brain over analyses something. Such as analyzing the schedule over and over again or ruminating over and over a simple decision.  

When we do something more than required, we get frustrated and sometimes angry. All this forms the root of overanalyzes and thus, anxiety. 

Next time you come across any, think of what you want and what are you doing? You will get to know the root of getting an anxiety attack

2. Befriend you fears 

Anxiety and fear come hand-in-hand. It is not in our control when or when not to anxiety. So, here’s another way you can cope up with high-functioning anxiety, by making your fear your friend. 

So, how will you do this? First, you need to know your fears. What are the things that frighten you, such as getting approval from others or getting your level of smartness judged by others? 

The fear that one deals with can be small for the other and vice-versa. But the main thing is that we cannot pretend not to be frightened. It will ultimately show the way we behave. 

So, it is always better to know the things that make you weak. By accepting your fears, you no longer get anxiety from them. You believe that you can find a way with what is causing the fear. 

3. Reconnect within yourself

Anxiety is faced in both ways, physically as well as mentally. People who suffer from high-functional anxiety, live in their thoughts. It is hard for them to get out of the circle of fear and overthinking. Then comes a time when you realize that you cannot take this anymore. 

At that time, when you are unable to do something mentally, start doing something physical. Such as meditating, yoga, and exercising. You might think at first that how is it going to help my mental health? But, trust us, it will. 

Once you start working on yourself, may it be breathing for a few minutes every day, it will affect your mental well-being too. Whenever you are stuck in some kind of confusion or tough situation, take a deep breath. Though it won’t solve your problem it will surely give you the patience to deal with it. 

4. Use a mantra every day

A mantra is something that gives you faith whenever chanted. You can make yourself a mantra or choose a mantra that you find relatable. Such as:

  1. I am doing my best
  2. I love the way I am
  3. Little goes a long way
  4. I deserve to take care of myself

Chanting even a single line each day will make you believe in yourself. You will love yourself a little more each day. The chant gets into your brain and spreads a positive vibe throughout your body. 

5. Interfere between your thoughts 

Whenever you start obsessing over your thoughts, such as going back and forth through a schedule, you start getting anxiety attacks from it. So, next time when you go through it, leave that work and walk away for some time. 

Always remember, anxiety will only give rise to more anxiety. You might think piling yourself up will do the job, but it won’t. it will worsen the situation. So, taking a short break won’t harm anyone. It is alright to keep your mental health above your work. 

The bottom line 

At this point, you might know all about high-functioning anxiety. But always remember to implement it instead of just reading about it. You are brave enough to search for a solution in the first place.