Lifting Weights Burns Fat Sooner : Here's What You Need To Do!

By Fitmist


Lifting Weights Burns Fat

Now we’ve heard a lot about how lifting weight burns fat, but does it work the way it is promoted to be? It is a fact that lifting burns fat. It can help you get leaner and more defined muscle because of all the strength training that you’re putting into it. 

But does weight lift burn fat? The answer is yes. Weight lifting is known as one of the best forms of exercise if you’re looking to burn fat or gain muscle. It works faster than cardio and is also very effective. 

But you might still have many questions on how it works or its effectiveness. Don’t you worry because this article is the solution to everything that you’re looking for? 

So rather than searching for ‘girl plans lift burn fat’ or ‘weight lift burn fat?’, let’s dive into the real answers and find out the best methods to lift weights. 

How does Lifting Weights Burns Fat?

Your body accumulates fat when you don’t burn enough calories daily. So if you’re in a stagnant lifestyle where you don’t exercise or do any physical activity often, or even overeat, you are bound to get body fat. So, lifting weights burns fat because it is a strength workout. It requires more energy expenditure that helps you burn more and more calories. 

Research has shown that where 10 pounds of fat burns only 20 calories, 10 pounds of muscle is capable of burning as much as 50 calories in a day of rest. This is why many people recommend weight lifting over cardio exercises. 

Lifting weights burns fat: How to achieve it? 

With proper techniques, you can use even more energy to burn more calories. In addition to this, it helps you gain lean muscle tissue which in turn burns more of your body fat even more effectively. Here is what you can do. 

1. Take your time

Many people think that doing an exercise quickly is the way to go. But that isn’t the truth. If you want to expend more energy during your workout, it is important to increase the time that your muscle is under tension. For this, you can easily just slow down your reps, carefully taking time with each movement. This helps you do the move easily and also rewards you by helping you build more muscle. So, as you increase your intensity of the activity and expend more energy, you burn more calories. And you also build more muscles. It’s a complete win-win. 

2. Reduce your rest

Another way to get your workouts right is by decreasing the time that you rest between the sets. When you want to build or maintain your lean muscle, it is important to ensure that you don’t get past sets so quickly that you sacrifice your strength. In addition to it, it is also not important to decrease your rest time for every exercise or set. You just have to do it carefully while balancing all aspects to ensure that you can build more muscle and burn more calories. 

3. Increase training volume

If you’re still looking for answers to ‘girl plans lift burn weight’ then this is the technique for you. A great way to get your desired results is to work out for a longer duration. Now you don’t have to go overboard and strain your muscles but you want to find the right balance for this. You can do this by following many methods. Some ideas are: Doing some core workout between sets, doing additional sets for each exercise, adding an isolation exercise at the end of your workout, add techniques like drop sets or supersets on your final set of each exercise

Lifting Weights

4. Train antagonist and agonist muscles together

If you want to burn more calories, a great way to do that is by training your agonist and antagonist muscles together. Confused? Here are some ideas: Quads and hamstrings, Biceps and triceps, Back and Chest, Shoulders and back. Now if you think about executing it, it should be simple. Either you add two exercises to make a superset. But in cases where it is not possible, you do them alternatively. For example, rather than doing all bicep exercises and then all tricep exercises, alternate between one bicep and one tricep exercise. 

While this might not be exactly a superset, it will give less rest time to your muscles and will do exactly the job. Now you might be thinking about how it happens or how can our bodies work this way? Well, the answer is simple. When you train two opposing muscle sets together, you are increasing the conditioning of your muscles. This is equivalent to almost doubling your entire workload. 

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5. Increase workout frequency 

Wondering if lifting weights burns fat still? Well here is another way to burn fat by lifting weights efficiently. A very important thing is to increase your workout frequency. There are many ways to execute this. 

  1. You can train some muscles twice a week rather than once
  2. You can train twice a day on some days
  3. You can add one extra workout day each week

Now when you’re doing this you must ensure that you don’t train the same muscle two days in a row. It is important to ensure that your muscles are getting rested for at least 2 to 3 days between workouts. This helps to bring out the best in your workout. 

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This should answer all your questions revolving around ‘does weight lift burn fat’ or weight lifting in general. While there is a lot of taboo around lifting weight and it is generally associated with bulking up, it is not the case. 

So it is important to know how you can use these exercises efficiently to make the best out of the time that you put into your workout. 

It is suggested that if you can't figure out how to get your schedule set by yourself, you can consult a personal trainer or other professionals for the same. With these tips implemented in your regular workout routine, you’ll be sure to burn fat effectively while lifting weights.