Mushroom Coffee: Is It Too Bizarre For You? Health Benefits & Recipes


Could you have ever imagined that one day you would be including mushrooms in your coffee? No, right? But the social media timeline seems to be filled with pictures of this hot beverage which has likely taken the world by the storm. What is this mushroom coffee you ask? Are there any actual benefits of this beverage over regular coffee? Is it safe for your health? If you are also as curious as others, continue reading the article then, as we share with you all the details. 

What Is Mushroom Coffee? 

For someone who might not be acquainted with the term, may feel that the coffee includes floating mushrooms in it. But it is a no. Mushroom coffee is a beverage that is made from the extracts of certain types of mushrooms and added to the coffee blends. The popular mushroom types that are added to the coffee blends are reishi, chaga, cordyceps, turkeys tails, and lion’s mane. The mushrooms used in the mushroom coffee go through a process of extraction and drying and are then added to their respective coffee blends. 

The fruiting bodies of the mushroom are extracted and made into an organic powder which is made free from any types of fillers, carriers, or any other additives. Now after the dual extraction process, the mushrooms are then dehydrated, grounded into a fine powder, and then added to your coffee blend. 

Benefits Of Mushroom Coffee

When you add the benefits of mushrooms to the goodness of coffee, the nutritious and healthy mushroom coffee benefits are made. 

The potential benefits of mushroom coffee are:

  1. Helps in combating stress and improves mood and sleep. Mushrooms respond to the stressors especially by bolstering the adrenal glands and help in managing the stress levels in the body.
  2. Mushroom coffee supposedly helps in boosting brain health. Mushrooms are cognitive and can improve concentration and boost memory due to neurotrophic growth factors. The growth of the neurons is promoted and the transmitting capacity of the neurotransmitters in the brain is increased due to these factors.
  3. This healthy beverage helps in strengthening the immune system. Mushrooms are the only dietary source of Vitamin D and therefore including this beverage in your daily regime can help you to boost your immunity.
  4. Mushrooms are high in antioxidants and therefore can help in slowing down the aging process. The compound helps in preventing the damage occurring in the cellular levels in the body.
  5. This hot beverage having the benefits of coffee helps in improving focus and concentration.
  6. Mushroom coffee can also help in aiding heart health. The caffeine present in the coffee helps in improving physical performance and also reduces the perception of fatigue and pain.

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The downsides of mushroom coffee

As mentioned above, the benefits of mushroom coffee are numerous but there are certain downsides as well. There have not been enough studies that support the claimed benefits of the beverage. And most of the potential benefits of the beverage are based upon anecdotal experiences. Doctors also doubt that the tannins and caffeine compounds present in the coffee can be counterproductive and impede the abilities of the body to absorb the nutrients of the mushrooms. 

The downsides of mushroom coffee

And also one must be aware of the ingredients that are being used in the coffee. Mushroom coffee is classified as a supplement and therefore it is not scrutinized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as such. Therefore, there are high chances of the development of allergic reactions upon consuming mushroom coffee as mushrooms are generally allergic to some. Plus mushroom coffee is expensive. It costs double the price of regular coffee.

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Mushroom Coffee Recipes

Mushroom coffee can be purchased in the form of instant coffee packets, ground coffee blends, or coffee pods. However, if you do not want to buy mushroom coffee sachets, you can always buy packets of medicinal mushroom extracts and then add them to your regular coffee blends. 

Some yummilicious mushroom coffee recipes are:

1. Enhanced mushroom coffee

Add 10oz freshly brewed coffee, 1tbsp of MCT oil, 1tbsp of ghee, 1tsp of medicinal mushroom extracts powder, 1tsp of coconut sugar, ¼ tsp ceylon cinnamon, and a pinch of pink salt into a blender and blend it until you get a smooth texture. 

2. Mushroom latte

Blend 8oz of dairy-free milk, 2oz of freshly brewed strong coffee, 1 espresso shot, 1tsp of coconut oil, ½ tsp of mushroom blend, and any sweetener of your choice to get a frothy and smooth texture. 

3. Mushroom coffee mocha

Add 5oz of dairy-free milk, 5oz of brewed coffee, 1tbsp of coconut oil, 1tsp of cocoa powder, ½ tsp medicinal mushroom extracts, ¼ tsp of ceylon cinnamon, and 1 tbsp of coconut sugar into a blender and blend till you get a frothy mixture. 

Mushroom coffee VS regular coffee

Mushroom coffee may be a trending concept but adding mushrooms to the coffee is anything but new. According to online sources, during World War II, Finland used mushrooms as a coffee substitute. Also, there is an extensive history where Asian countries have been using mushrooms for their nutritional and health benefits Now coming to the debate of mushroom coffee over regular coffee, many criteria need to be observed first.

Regular coffees have a high content of caffeine which is a psychoactive substance that helps in boosting the nervous system and improves focus, concentration, and alertness simultaneously. Regular coffee is beneficial but due to its high caffeine content, excess consumption of caffeine can lead to side effects. 

On the other hand, mushroom coffee blends are marketed as being lower in caffeine than regular coffee, therefore ushering in people who do not like to drink coffee due to its high caffeine taste. And also not to mention the numerous benefits that this beverage provides. But likewise, mushroom coffee also has its fair share of downsides. The health benefits are not supported by proper studies and the coffee is not properly regulated by the FDA guidelines. 

So, therefore, in conclusion choosing their preferred beverage is entirely upon the drinker’s discretion. Now there you go. Hopefully, the article was useful about the trending mushroom coffee. We would love to recommend you to give mushroom coffee a try once, but yes, consult your medical advisor before you do so as mushrooms can be allergenic for some. 

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