10 Surprising Facts About Open Relationships

By Fitmist


facts about open relationships

With the advent of dating in India, there is another term that is gaining its fanbase quite rapidly, Open relationships. Researchers are trying to figure out if this concept is healthy or complicated. Let us play the ‘pal bhar ke liye koi hamein Pyaar kar le’ song on loop and try to understand open relationships in detail.

What Are Open Relationships?

Open relationships, or non-monogamous relationships, are getting more and more successful responses from generation z and millennials, or at least being treated more and more like a regular thing. Despite all of this, there are still quite a few conventions about such a relationship and they are covered in a blanket of mystery, which makes it troublesome for many old-school people to tolerate them, much less accept them in other people’s lives.

An open relationship allows partners to engage in various sexual activities with more than one person. Although make sure that both are on the same page otherwise it is considered cheating if one partner does not want it and the other continues to do so. Not only this but also there are various other rules and facts for being in a consensual open relationship. We are here to tell you all about them so that you do not end up getting played. 

Facts About Open Relationships

Here are 10 surprising and unknown facts about open relationships:

1. You got to  be mature, fellas

Since everything is consensual in an open relationship, you have to accept that your partner will be going on dates with other people and you cannot get jealous.  Attachment with the person you are romantically involved with is out of the window so, If you are the possessive kind, open relationships are not votre tasse de the!

2. With fun, comes responsibility

Many people think that those who are in open relationships do not have definitive roles as traditional relationships do. Well, it is not true. They have to keep their primary partner content so that they do not feel bad or neglected and other people they are seeing as well. They are always juggling between getting their things done and giving enough attention to their partner.

3. Talk that talk

It has been observed that partners in open relationships ask for each other’s consent before doing anything because that’s the rule. So, they have better communication because they tell everything in detail and since there are no feelings involved, chances are decisions are more rationally taken.

4. Safe sex, baby

Researchers have found in recent studies that people in open relationships exercise safer sex than those who are in traditional relationships. There is no proof as to why but the results of the study show that a high number of people in open relationships use condoms and were not affected by sexually transmitted diseases than those in traditional relationships.

5. Love is love

It was found that open relationships are far more common in homosexuals than in heterosexuals. sexual minorities are more welcoming and they are also free from all types of judgments and hatred. People are more accepting therefore they believe in embracing who they are and keep all their desires out in the open. After all, love is love, right?

6. We smell something, Oh it’s jealousy

Humans talking about having feelings, astonishing, right? Well, people in open relationships are humans too. They do get jealous from time to time if one of them catches feelings or is not getting enough attention from their primary partner then things start to get tricky. This is against the rules of a consensual open relationship but oh well, EMOTIONS.

7. My One and Only

People in open relationships do not like to be needy or clingy or they do not rush to one person every time they need emotional support. Couples feel that burdening one person for fulfilling their emotional, sexual, and mental needs is not fair. So, they rely on various other people so that if that one person is not available, they do not feel alone. It is very opposite to traditional monogamous relationships where one person is your best friend, sexual partner, and emotional support. Your one and only!

8. So sure already

Studies suggest that people who are in open relationships feel more confident and they know what they want so they are sure of their partners. This leads to fewer commitment issues among such people. They are happy because they talked it out rationally therefore the fear fades when they get what they desire from such relationships whereas traditional relationships require effort and compromise. Therefore, people are not so happy and sure whether this is what they truly wish to continue for a long period. The number of commitment issues is high there.

9. Not a signal to fool around

One thing that every person should keep in mind is that open relationships are not a signal to fool around with whomever they wish to be with. Many people feel that such notions make their relationship sound so bad and toxic. They do have a set number of partners they can explore their likes and dislikes with and it is all mutually done. 

10. Ce n’est pas votre tasse de thé

Open relationships are not for everyone. This sub-headline suggests that if you are possessive, like to be with one person at a time, wish to spend all your energy in solely one bond, invest all your time and energy in one person then our dearest friend, an open relationship is not your cup of tea! 

The takeaway

Open relationships are real and rational. They may not be viewed as highly as sticking to one person for the rest of your life but they are consensual and partners’ needs, presence is just as respected. Many romantics wish to rub off this concept of dating because it is not the conventional way of expressing your desires but love is love, right?