Smelly Urine Might Be Indication Of 7 Underlying Cause For Concern

By Fitmist


indication from smelly urine

If you are wondering, that smell in urine is a common thing. Well, it is common indeed but a misconception for sure. Even if it is a misconception, why do we get that strange odor when we are around those public toilets? Well, that is due to improper drainage systems. Because urine is not washed out properly.

Then nothing is wrong with my smelly urine, right?

We have tried to accumulate the possible answer in this article. So read over.

But before we detect the unusual, we need to understand what are the standard conditions. Otherwise, panic is always a nosy friend.

Tell me, what is normal

Human urine is a by-product of metabolism. It carries the unrequired and sometimes harmful components out of our body. Urine is the primary product of the excretory system through which all the water-soluble toxic wastes are excreted out.

1. Constituents or Composition

Although water is the main constituent, urine majorly consists of nitrogenous toxins. Thus, the urine formed after the entire excretion mechanism comprises urea (in high concentrations), other nitrogenous toxins including nitrates and nitrites, inorganic salts, and organic compounds. The urine composition is also a determining factor.

2. Quantity

On average, 0.6-2.6 liters of urine excretion per day spanning over 6-8 times visit to the bathroom is customary for an adult. Anything more or less is worthy of medical attention.

3. Color

The color of the urine is an indicative property. For a healthy or hydrated person, the color ranges from transparent to pale yellow. Dehydration can lead to the formation of concentrated dark yellowish urine. But even after hydrating yourself properly, it does not return to normalcy. Then make sure you get a check-up.

4. Odor

This is our topic of concern. So we shall give special attention to it. Make sure you read it attentively from here on!

For a healthy, hydrated person, there is no smell in freshly excreted urine. It is after some time that bacteria break down the urea into ammonia that gives odor to it. Generally, there is no strong odor in the urine. But if the smell is too strong or persistent, then it is time to get some diagnosis done right away.

Why is that smell in urine

Now that you know what healthy urine looks like or smells like, we are sure you would be observant the next time you visit the bathroom. Now let us delve a little deeper into….no, not into the smelly urine, but what is happening in disguise.

1. Where is my water bottle

Are you rushing to reach out your bottle? Then gulp down some water too. Dehydration is the most common reason for smelly urine. If the water level is low, urine does not get diluted. The concentrated dark yellowish urine would probably ward off a typical pungent smell of ammonia.

If this is the case, then drinking the right amount of water shall do the task.

But if the color of your urine resembles that of general urine color, then we suppose that there is something wrong and needs more detailed attention.

2. Oh, Asparagus

Urine smell is dependent on external factors, especially on what we eat. Asparagus is a vegetable that gives rise to a Sulphur metabolism in our body. This Sulphur is released as a waste product through urine. Okay, let us correct ourselves: through smelly urine. There are such food items like coffee, garlic, onions etc. whose consumption may lead to that stench.

Again, keeping your body hydrated is the gateway.

3. Oops, those medications

If you are under medication where your doctor has prescribed you some vitamin tablets, antibiotics, etc. Even then, you are likely to pass out smelly urine. There is nothing to worry about. As soon as you stop the medication (obviously on completion of the course), the smell in urine will slowly fade away.

4. Does pregnancy affect smell in urine

Um, yes, it does. During pregnancy, the female body undergoes many changes, and there is a significant change in the hormone levels. This prepares the body to give a suitable environment for the new life that would be growing.

It is to be noted that pregnant women already develop a strong-smelling sensation. Even a mild odor could be a strong one for them. It is also not wrong that they pass out smelly urine, especially in the first trimester. Dehydration during pregnancy is also common.

The smell in urine could also have other reasons that could be serious. Staying hydrated, taking vitamin-C-rich fruits, maintaining proper hygiene is the least that one can do. In case you feel anything odd about your pee in this condition, visit the clinic ASAP.

5. Burning sensations every time you pass out pee

Urgent need to pee frequently and accompanied by a burning sensation in that area while peeing are symptoms indicating UTI( Urinary Tract Infection). The urine smell is too strong. And this case can not be handled without drinking plenty of water. This condition seeks immediate medical intervention.

6. Sweet-smelling urine

Hey, that suggests diabetes. And you should be consulting a doctor and start the treatment.

7. Liver disease

Urine is a good indicator of health. When a strong smell in urine lasts for a while now, with other complications like nausea, abdominal pain, dark urine color, bloating, etc., these are symptomatic of liver diseases. Immediate medical help should be taken.

Apart from these causes, there are some genetic reasons responsible for smelly urine, which is a discussion for another day. There may be more reasons than what we’ve listed. Hence, we suggest you consult a general physician on facing any complications while passing out urine.

Indulge into healthy habits

For underlying medical conditions, the diagnosis and the medication are of utmost importance. Also, maintaining proper sanitation and indulging in healthy habits helps in personal hygiene and staying healthy.

Keep Hydrated. Drink water. Increase the intake of fluids( that does not include those Saturday night hangovers!).

Pee when you need to, at the initial urgency. Daily, peeing 6-8 times is a good habit (but try not to do it forcefully.)

Holding urination or forcing it to the point of leaking out are extreme cases that are better avoided.

Eat citrus fruits that are a rich source of vitamin-C. [Tip: Try to avoid those Vit-C pills if not prescribed]

Check whether the urine is flushed out or not. 

Clean the washroom and the toilet as much as possible to avoid infections that may lead to other complications.

Typical washroom odor can be kept at bay, where air fresheners are the best solutions. But that is not the best way to get rid of the smell of urine. You know it, right?