Looking For A Drink? Try Jasmine Tea Today

By Fitmist


jasmine tea

Did you ever think we will be discussing teas made from pretty flowers? We are all aware of the benefits of Jasmine essential oil and, in this article, we will discuss the benefits of jasmine tea and how it is one of the best teas to include in your daily routine. Jasmine tea is of many types. Some of its types are jasmine green tea, jasmine black tea and jasmine white tea. Jasmine green tea is the most popular jasmine tea. This tea is expensive when compared to other teas mainly due to the manpower it requires to hand-pick the tea leaves. 

Jasmine Tea Origin

Jasmine tea originated in China. Fuzhou in China was one of the first few regions where jasmine tea originated. It has approximately been 1,000 years since people have started using this tea.  It is quite popular for its taste and fragrance. It has a mildly sweet flavor and an incredible fragrance. It grows at high altitudes on the mountains. Jasmine tea is also consumed in the Okinawa region of Japan. 

Benefits of Jasmine tea 

Coming directly to the topic of discussion, Jasmine tea can be an amazing health drink to include in your daily routine. We know how good the jasmine flowers smell. Imagine bringing the great aroma of jasmine flowers to your drink. And, you know what the icing on the cake would be? Its sweet flavor. Unlike any other tea, jasmine tea has a characteristic mildly sweet flavor. This incredible tea is great to be a detox drink as it has an ample amount of antioxidants in it. If you are a person who is a fitness enthusiast, you will love to include this tea in your fitness regime. 

Due to its soothing aroma, it also works as a tranquilizer to treat anxiety and various other mood-related disorders. Therefore, if you want to enhance your mood, try this jasmine tea therapy. The jasmine tea is also good for your heart. If you have a situation of high heart rate, i.e. Tachycardia, this tea will work like magic! It is known to lower the heart rate. Thereby, keeping your heart healthy and risk-free. 

Jasmine tea for weight loss 

You can also use this tea for weight loss. It has proven to be the ultimate nectar for weight loss. This ’jasmine tea health benefit’ will make you want to modify and revise your diet plan. Drinking jasmine tea once a day escalates your metabolism and pushes your body to work-out effortlessly! Plus, unlike any other weight loss aid, this tea tastes good, so it’s a win-win situation. 

There’s an endless list of the benefits of jasmine tea. Jasmine tea is also a wondrous drink if you have problems with digestion. It is a gut-friendly tea that escalates your bowel movement. However, you need to take it in moderate quantities as the excess of everything is bad! If you have irritable bowel syndrome, we would advise you to consult your doctor before you start consuming this tea. 

Jasmine tea when combined with green tea

Green tea is usually the base for jasmine tea. Jasmine tea, mixed with green tea, has a lot of benefits. Jasmine green tea has anti-ageing properties. Yes, you heard it right! This little bag of joy can help reduce your wrinkles and fine lines and prevent them from forming if you continue consuming this health syrup. It has plenty of antioxidants which are essential for maintaining the youthful glow. It also prevents you from cold as it has antimicrobial properties due to the presence of catechins. And, if you drink this tea when you’re sick, you will recuperate faster.  When jasmine tea is combined with green tea, benefits of green tea also add up.

Therapeutic benefits of jasmine green tea 

Jasmine green tea has several medicinal/therapeutic benefits as well. Below are some of the components present in jasmine green tea and their effects on your body. 

1. Catechins 

Catechins are known for their role in maintaining blood cholesterol level in the body. Thereby, also preventing high blood pressure. They are also known for preventing cancer. 

2. Vitamins & Minerals

Jasmine green tea is also high in vitamins and minerals. They have Vitamin-C, which works as an antioxidant, Vitamin-B and Vitamin-E. It also has beta-carotene which is good for vision. 

3. Fluorine 

Has your doctor ever prescribed you a toothpaste that has fluoride in it? If yes, let us tell you why, Fluorine is used as an ingredient in many kinds of toothpaste because it prevents tooth decay. When used in the recommended quantities, it works as an abrasive. Well, if you start consuming jasmine green tea, you probably won’t need to buy a different toothpaste as this tea has ample amounts of fluoride in it.

4. Caffeine 

Is it possible not to mention caffeine when we are talking about teas? Jasmine green tea has a moderate amount of caffeine which is only responsible for the alertness and activeness after drinking the tea. Therefore, drinking jasmine green tea will make you more active. 

5. Theanine

Our list will be incomplete if we don’t mention the main component of the tea. Theanine is a substance that provides color and taste to the tea. Its therapeutic role is its ability to reduce blood pressure. These were a few jasmine tea benefits you should know about. From fitness lovers to heart patients, this tea is for everyone!

Our advice before you start consuming jasmine tea 

Besides jasmine tea benefits, we would like to list its drawbacks too. Although there are many benefits of jasmine tea, you should not rely on it for either it’s therapeutic or its remedial effect. Before you start drinking it for weight loss or curative purposes, we would recommend you to consult your dietician. Avoid drinking jasmine tea more than once daily, as it can in turn be harmful to your body. 

If you suffer from low blood pressure, ask your doctor before taking this tea. This tea contains ingredients that reduce blood pressure. In this article, we discussed the benefits of jasmine tea and how it is a versatile drink to include in your daily routine. For more health-related articles, subscribe to our newsletter!