Most Sought After Youtube Workouts You Need To Try Out Today!

By Fitmist


Best YouTube Workouts Videos

When you search “best YouTube workouts” on Google, you get over 68 million results. With so many options, it becomes difficult for anyone to choose which one would be correct for them. Will this HIIT workout give you a better posture with a bigger butt? Which strength training would be suitable for you as a beginner? Multiple questions cannot be answered just by looking at their websites, so are you going to try each one from these million results and see which is more effective? 

Don’t worry, we are just joking! No need to try so many workouts, in fact, there is no need to scroll so much. We have already covered all the research needed to find the best YouTube workouts for you, all you need to do is try them out! 

From warm-up videos to yoga and cardio home workouts videos, we have found the best videos for you! Have a look at them:

Best Warmup YouTube Workouts Videos

Here are the best warmup YouTube workout videos:


Duration- 11 minutes 

It is a detailed video including 5 specific exercises that are going to warm up your entire body. These exercises will allow you to train yourself harder and give 100% in your intended workouts.

2. Warm Up Before Workouts- Chloe Ting

Duration- 6 minutes 

This workout video includes 12 exercises you can include in your warm-up routine and get the maximum out of your workouts. It includes marching, cross-body toe touch, overhead reach, arm circles, etc. 

3. Warm Up for At-Home Workouts- Nicole Pearce

Duration- 5 minutes 

This video consists of 2 minutes of cardio bodyweight exercises and 3 minutes of dynamic stretches combined as a Warmup. 

Best HIIT YouTube Workouts Videos

Here are the best HIIT YouTube workout videos:

1. 10 MIN BEST OF HIIT- Pamela Reif

Duration- 10 minutes 

This video is a completion of the best parts of Pamela’s High-Intensity Interval Training workouts. It is full of energetic moves that make you groove and dance while working out. You get to burn lots of calories, improve your endurance, and boost your mood.

2. 15 Minute HIIT Workout- Sarah Grace Fitness

Duration- 16 minutes 

This fitness expert will teach you the best bodyweight HIIT workout moves that will have you working up a sweat. It includes 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds of rest, along with 1 minute of plank between each set of movements. 

3. Get Ripped from Home- THENIX

Duration- 10 minutes 

In this entire video, two people named Stefan Heria and Shawne Lozano will guide you to the best HIIT workouts without using any equipment. It consists of 8 exercises, each one is performed for 45 seconds along with 15 seconds of break. 

Best Weight Loss Workouts Videos

Here are some weigh loss workout videos:


Duration- 12 minutes 

Though it is a challenge, you can add the exercises into your routine and lose weight. It includes 8 exercises namely jumping jacks, mountain climbers, elbow plank, flutter kicks, high knees, russian twists, leg tuck-ins and bicycle crunches. 

2. 10 Min Fat Burn- TheLeanMachines

Duration- 12 minutes 

It has a great fat-burning workout that anyone can do. It consists of multiple exercises that get your heart rate up and blood pumping. This video shows how one can use just 10 minutes to burn fats ASAP!

3. Do This To Lose Weight- Chloe Ting

Duration- 14 minutes 

This video is like a 2 weeks shred challenge anyone can do. The video includes 3 sets, each set consists of 7 exercises with 15-10 seconds off and 15 seconds off in between the sets. We promise you’re gonna love this!

Best Yoga Workouts Videos

Here are some best yoga workout videos:

1. Yoga For Beginners- Yoga With Adriene

Duration- 41 minutes 

In this entire video, Adriene and her little friend, Benji, guide you on how to do the basics of yoga. Yoga will help you to establish a better connection with yourself and your mind. You must check this out!

2. Yoga Poses That Will Change Your Body- BRIGHT SIDE

Duration- 17 minutes 

It is a very detailed video consisting of 15 poses that can change your body and mind. You can transform your body and even lose weight with no intense workouts or dieting. It can also improve your digestion, relieve back pain, neck pain, and stress, stretch your hips, thighs and ankles. 

3. Yoga To Control Diabetes- Fitmist

Duration- 8 minutes 

This video consists of 10 yoga asanas that will help you to control diabetes. This video is great for old people and people with diabetic conditions. It explains everything, how to do the different asanas, the benefits of yoga for diabetic people, how yoga can benefit people with diabetes, etc. 

Best Full Body Workouts

Here are some full body workouts:

1. These Best Science-Based Full Body Workout for Growth- Jeremy Ethier

Not only does this video have quality content but also detailed science-based explanations. The YouTuber shows a full-body workout for beginners and also an intermediate full-body workout with weights. He teaches how you can hit your major muscles such as pectorals, clavicular, deltoid, anterior, lateral, biceps, rectus abdominis, adductor longus, biceps, sartorius, trapezius, and triceps. 


Duration- 6 minutes 

This video shows how to do push-ups, jump squats, back extension, pistol squats, pike pushups, bicep curls, deep push-ups, and bicycle crunches. It teaches us how to get the most out of these exercises and benefits our whole body. You can do these workouts anywhere without the need for any equipment or you can make your own equipment like a weighted backpack instead of weights.

3. Full Body Home Workout- CHRIS HERIA

This top-notch video consists of 8 exercises that can be done from the comfort of your home. It will help you to achieve your fitness goals and give you a better shape. 

Bottom line 

Now you have fewer options but the best options to choose from. Combine your selected YouTube workouts with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to achieve your goals.

Choose wisely and don’t stop midway, keep doing whatever you enjoy. We are always here to cheer you up!